Suggested topics

This international conference on literary translators is open to a large variety of topics and approaches. Contributions may discuss translators as individuals or as a collective from diverse perspectives, making use of various methodological instruments. Topics could, for example, include the following:

  • Theorizing the literary translator
  • Methods of researching the literary translator
  • The literary translator’s self and identity
  • The literary translator’s discourse and voice
  • The literary translator’s professional trajectory
  • The literary translator’s body
  • The literary translator’s habitus
  • Feminist/queer literary translators
  • The literary translator’s diasporic experience
  • The literary translator’s perception of his/her role and/or agency
  • Psychological, emotional, cognitive, etc. facets of the literary translator’s personality

With diverse papers and multifaceted discussions on the featured topics, we hope to foster new perspectives, promote cooperation and stimulate integrated research efforts.

Conference Languages

The languages of the conference will be English and German.